By contrast just 61 per cent of small businesses nationwide

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Replica Bags Wholesale Nyul Nyul man Robert Dann grew up picking boab nuts and eating the pulp inside, but he never dreamed it would become a business.”Because we didn’t have much money as kids we had to make use of what we could,” he said.”So we would collect boab nuts.”Mr Dann now makes a range of products from boab powder, which is best replica designer bags ground from the pulp and sells for $280/kg.”The boab flesh has got vitamin B6, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, energy, protein and good dietary fibres as well,” he said.A couple of years ago Mr Dann started using the boab powder in iced teas which he would make for people on his guided tours of the Kimberley.The teas were a hit and Mr Dann’s business Bindam Mie, buy replica bags online which means bush food, will soon add beer and ginger beer to its range of boab products.Mr Dann said the niche brew had a syrupy texture and a citrus taste thanks to the boab.He said the beer and ginger beer had proven popular already, but he would be sticking to the iced teas.”Unfortunately I can’t drink [the boab beer] because I don’t touch alcohol,” he said.”But everyone tells me it is very nice.”Everyone loved the ginger beer. Everyone could taste the bush ginger, everyone could taste the boab as well. We’re on a winner with that one.”Mr Dann said tourists who visited the Kimberley had embraced his boab products, with movie star Hugh Jackman among his happy customers.”People come to Broome replica bags china and they want to have a taste of Indigenous product,” he said.”A lot of people have bought the powder from me.”Hugh Jackman was one of them and he absolutely loved it.”Kimberley Indigenous businesses bucking the trendBindam Mie is one of 140 Aboriginal businesses supported by Broome based Indigenous business development organisation Morrgul, which started in 2013.Of the many Aboriginal start ups it has helped, more than 85 per cent are still in operation.By contrast just 61 per cent of small businesses nationwide that started in 2013 survived past the three year mark.In Western Australia, just 56 per cent survived.Morrgul CEO Kaylene Hunter said the range of support services the organisation offered had helped Indigenous businesses in the Kimberley buck the trend.”Morrgul’s success rate is due to our vetting and mentoring, and the range of business support services we provide, from business planning through to book keeping and marketing, assistance with registrations and also with insurance,” she said Replica Bags Wholesale.

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